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DeviceDetail pageApplicationI/ODevice TypeBatteryOTA

8-Bit Devices

LMU 325 SeriesCompact and Economical vehicle tracker comes with a back-up battery and antenna.2/1GPRS YesYes
LMU 7X0 Economical vehicle tracker with built-in harness and antenna. This model does not have a back-up battery.3/3GPRS / CDMA for Verizon and HSPANo
LMU 8X0 Fleet tracker with 3 Axis Acceleromoter for Motion Sense with a built-in antenna and harness and additional I/O for accessories.3/3GPRS / CDMA / HSPA
LMU 9X0Compact and flexible device with many input and outputs, low power sleep modes, built-in antenna, 3 Axis accelerometer and much more. 4/4 & I A/DGPRS / CDMA / HSPAYesYes
LMU 12X0Full-featured vehicle tracker with built-in battery, 3-Axis Acceleromoter, tilt sense, sleep modes and available with an internal or external antenna. 4/4 & 1 A/DGPRS / CDMA / HSPAYesYes

32-Bit Devices

LMU 21X0Economical 32-bit device with a built in antenna and harness and 200mAh built in battery.3/3GPRS OnlyYesYes
LMU 26X0Fully functional compact device with many inputs and outputs and can detect driver behavior.5/3 &1 A/D & 1-1 bit BusGPRS / CDMA / HSPANoYes
LMU 27X0 Fleet tracker with high funcionality with a built in battery and 3-axis accelerometer.5/3 &1 A/D & 1-1 bit BusGPRS / CDMA / HSPAYesYes
LMU 42X0 Build-in 3 axis accelerometer, motion sensing, dual reporting 20,000 buffered message log, compatible with Garmin and much more!8/7 & 4 A/D
LMU 4520 GPS DeviceLMU 45X0Sealed IP67 enclosure, 3-axis accelerometer, back-up battery, Expansion ports for plug-in vehicle bus or wifi, two 1-wire interfaces for driver ID or temperature sensors and much more!7/7 & 4 A/D & 1-1 bit BusHSPA & CDMAYesYes

Asset Trackers/Harsh Environment (IP66)

LMU 327 Water Resistant tracker. Most commonly used on Motorcyles2/1GPRS Only
LMU 1175Water resistant tracker. Most commonly used on jetski's.2/1GPS / HSPAYesYes
TTU 700 SeriesLong term, compact Trailer Tracking device0/0GPS / GSM / GPRS / SMS / DTMFYesYes
TTU 12X0Water resistant Trailer Tracker3/3GPRS / CDMA / HSPA
TTU 28X0 Water resistant Trailer Tracker3/3 & 1 A/D & 1 - 1 Bit BusGPRS / CDMA / HSPAYesYes

Personal Device

GL 300Personal tracker with panic buttonN/AGPRSYesYes

OBDII Device

LMU 30X0 Economical and small device that can detect the OBDII data and driver behavior.Plug and playGPRS / CDMA / HSPAYesYes